ATF publications
A world without livestock farming makes no sense (Oct.2019, by JL Peyraud at AVEC General Meeting
Livestock is essential for sustainable agri-food systems (Sept. 2019), by JL Peyraud at the launch of the European Livestock Voice
ATF- Plant ETP joint paper (Sept. 2019)
ATF General presentation (June 2019)
Ruminants are essential (June 2019), by JL Peyraud at the FIL-IDF/BAMST conference
ATF Vision Paper (Feb. 2019)
Short presentation of the ATF Vision Paper (Feb. 2019)
ATF comments to RISE report (Sept. 2018)
ATF Position Paper (March 2018)
Why is European animal production important today? Facts and figures (Dec. 2017)
Roadmap for Sustainable EU Livestock (2017)
Roadmap for Sustainable EU Livestock - visual (2017)
ATF presentation on "Precision Livestock Farming into practice" (2017)
Short version of the Second White Paper off the Animal Task Force (Jan. 2017)
ATF 2nd White Paper (Dec. 2016)
Appendix 2 of the ATF 2nd White Paper (Dec. 2016)
ATF Presentation on "Animal Production, the Key in a European Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy (2016)
ATF Presentation on "Technology in Animal production as a solution for sustainability" (2015)
ATF presentation on "Livestock without Shadow" (2015)
ATF Presentation on "Fostering Knowledge Based Innovation" (2015)
ATF Contribution to the consultation on long-term EU strategy for agricultural R&I (Dec. 2015)
ATF contribution to the HLPE - Committee on World Food Security consultation (Nov. 2015)
Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Bioeconomy - A Challenge for Europe (May 2015)
1st Addendum to the ATF White Paper (Nov. 2014)
ATF White Paper (April 2013)
ATF Brochure (2013)
Organic Innovation Days 2019
Organic Innovation Days 2019
3rd-4th December 2019
TP Organics
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Investment Days 2019
Investment Days 2019
17th-18th December 2019
Rome, FAO Investment Centre
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