Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets
TOPIC 2022
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are among the greatest challenges faced by livestock farming that has become an issue of the greatest importance for consumers and policy makers. At the same time, livestock has a strong mitigation potential: “improved management practices could reduce emissions from livestock systems by about 30%”, says FAO.
Several reports are under writing among international organisations (IPCC, FAO, DG Agri…) that may lead to decision making in the coming months with impacts on the livestock sector.
The ATF would like to draw a state of the art on GHG emissions from livestock, the role of methane, the different metrics to measure emissions and mitigation levers at various scales, inviting international organisations, research organisations, farmers, industries, NGOs and policy makers.
2 events will be organised in 2022 to discuss this topic:
  • the 2nd one-day symposium of the ATF and the EAAP Commission on Livestock Farming Systems (05 September 2022, Porto, Portugal)
  • the 12th ATF seminar (17 November 2022 - Brussels, Belgium)
Both events aim to contribute to:
  • Engage a dialogue with various stakeholders;
  • Address how research and innovation can support the livestock sector;
  • Provide input to European research and innovation agendas and to public policies to secure Europe’s role as a leading global provider of safe and healthy animal-derived products;
  • Support knowledge development and innovation;
  • Foster ownership by farmers and industries.