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Topic 2020:
2 events :
  • the 8th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 31st, Porto, Portugal)
  • the 10th ATF seminar (Nov. 4th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2019:
2 events:
  • the 7th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 26th, Ghent, Belgium)
  • the 9th ATF seminar (Nov. 6th - morning, Brussels, Belgium)
And the "Fitter Livestock Farming workshop" (Nov. 6th - afternoon, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2018:
2 events :
  • the 6th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug.27th, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
  • the 8th ATF Seminar (Nov.7th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2017:
2 events:
  • The 5th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug.28th, Tallinn, Estonia)
  • ATF 7th seminar in Brussels (Oct. 26th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2016:
2 events:
  • the 4th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug.26th, Belfast, UK)
  • the ATF 6th Seminar (Nov. 16th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2015:
2 events:
  • the 3rd ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 31st, Warsaw, Poland)
  • the 5th ATF seminar (Nov. 17th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2014:
2 events:
  • the 2nd ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 28th, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • the 4th ATF seminar (Nov. 05th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2013:
Coming soon
Topic 2012:
An event:
  • the 2nd ATF seminar (Nov. 07th, Brussels, Belgium)


28th International Symposium
28th International Symposium "Animal Science Days"
23rd-25th September 2020
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