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ATF events related to topics
Topic 2022:
2 events :
  • the 2nd one-day symposium of the ATF and EAAP Commission on Livestock Farming Systems (05 September 2022 - Porto, Portugal)
  • the 12th ATF seminar (17 November 2022 - Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2021:
3 events :
  • the ATF-EAAP Livestock Farming Systems Study Commission one-day symposium (30 August 2021, Davos, Switzerland)
  • the 11th ATF seminar (18 November 2021 - Morning - Brussels, Belgium + remotely)
  • An ATF-FEFAC-H2020 projects Stakeholder event (18 November 2021 - Afternoon - Brussels, Belgium + remotely)
The Animal Task Force organised on April 20th, 2021 a webinar to introduce its new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) released in April 2021.
Topic 2020:
2 events :
  • the 8th ATF-EAAP special session (Dec. 1st, remote meeting)
  • the 10th ATF seminar (April 21st, 2021 - Brussels, Belgium)
The Animal Task Force and Plants for the Future ETP co-organised on November 4th a webinar on "How to re-implement crop-livestock synergies?"
Topic 2019:
2 events:
  • the 7th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 26th, Ghent, Belgium)
  • the 9th ATF seminar (Nov. 6th - morning, Brussels, Belgium)
And the "Fitter Livestock Farming workshop" (Nov. 6th - afternoon, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2018:
2 events :
  • the 6th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug.27th, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
  • the 8th ATF Seminar (Nov.7th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2017:
2 events:
  • The 5th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug.28th, Tallinn, Estonia)
  • ATF 7th seminar in Brussels (Oct. 26th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2016:
2 events:
  • the 4th ATF-EAAP special session (Aug.26th, Belfast, UK)
  • the ATF 6th Seminar (Nov. 16th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2015:
2 events:
  • the 3rd ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 31st, Warsaw, Poland)
  • the 5th ATF seminar (Nov. 17th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2014:
2 events:
  • the 2nd ATF-EAAP special session (Aug. 28th, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • the 4th ATF seminar (Nov. 05th, Brussels, Belgium)
Topic 2013:
Coming soon
Topic 2012:
An event:
  • the 2nd ATF seminar (Nov. 07th, Brussels, Belgium)


Shaping the future of livestock farming through research
Shaping the future of livestock farming through research
French Presidency of the Council of the European Union
13th June 2022
Paris, France + remotely
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Grassland at the heart of circular and sustainable food systems
Grassland at the heart of circular and sustainable food systems
European Grassland Federation
26th-30th June 2022
Caen, France
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