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Rolex Day-Date Replica Reverse is the first watch from the newly-founded watchmaker Rolex Day-Date Replica. It is an original and fascinating watch. The watch is distinguished by the counter-clockwise rotation of all its functions (hours and minutes) and has an upside-down movement. The watch is not a complicated timepiece, but it compensates for this with its innovative technical solutions and top-notch finishing. Rolex Day-Date Replica Reverse comes in three variations with three different noble-metal housings. Each variant is limited to only 11 pieces. The price ranges between $56,800 and $77,650 depending on the type of case.

Kim Djapri founded the German watchmaking brand Rolex Day-Date Replica. He was previously employed by the Dresden-based company Lang & Heyne. Djapri, a Cologne native, has opened a brand called Rolex Day-Date Replica. This is the French word for "Aries", which represents his zodiac.Replica Watches Reverse is the first watch from Rolex Day-Date Replica and was unveiled at Baselworld 2016 as an official debut. The piece was on display at the AHCI (which is short for Academie Horlogerie des Createurs Independants, or Horological Academy of Independent Creators). Djapri was the official candidate to join this prestigious association, which brings together the most prominent independent watchmakers in the world.

Reversed Indications & Movement of the Same SortIn an attempt to prove himself to AHCI Djapri designed a timekeeper dubbed "Reverse" to demonstrate his authenticity.Breitling Navitimer Replica The piece's name clearly indicates that the three hands are moving in the opposite direction. Although the wearer may have some difficulty adjusting at first, this display adds a touch of eccentricity to the piece and also highlights the fact that time is displayed in a very arbitrary manner.

The watch has a reversed movement, where the gear train is on the dial-side of the movement.

On the dial, you can see a slight twist in the arrangement. Although some segments of the structure are reversed, it is not completely. Rolex Day-Date Replica Reverse has a different layout. Instead of an anti-shock mechanism on the top and the jewel which sets it onto a mini-plate at the bottom, Rolex Day-Date Replica reverse features a contrasted layout. The balance wheel can be set in a large ruby chaton, which is visible. This gives the appearance of a classic movement while maintaining the benefits and resilience of anti-shock modern systems.

Three visible ratchet wheel with solar finish are located on the rear of the movement. They are surrounded by engraved borders. Around the openings where the jewels are visible, and around the screws, the same decorations as those used on the wheels winding the movement can be seen. Both the main-plate as well as its bridges are gilded to enhance the appearance of this movement.