Balance Production/Consumption: Animal farming for Humans’ well-being and planetary health
TOPIC 2018
It is often communicated in the media and among the general public that European citizens should reduce their consumption of animal products/proteins. Very often, the justification is both based on human health and sustainability point of views (use of resources, impact on climate, environmental footprint, AMR, animal welfare…). Can we find a consensus on recommended shares of animal products in our diets, at the junction of human health and planetary health? What share of animal-derived food in our diet is desirable from the environmental and health point of views? What does it mean for animal production in the EU and globally?
2 events were organised in 2018:
  • the 6th ATF-EAAP special session, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Aug.27th
  • the 8th ATF Seminar, in Brussels, Belgium, Nov.7th
You will find below the presentations of both events.


COVID-19 impact on livestock farming
COVID-19 impact on livestock farming
09th March 2021
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The Challenge of change: the new normal?
The Challenge of change: the new normal?
12th-15th April 2021
Virtual conference
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