ATF-Plant ETP webinar
The “Animal Task Force” (ATF) and the “Plants for the  Future”  European  Technology  Platform  (Plant ETP) recognise the urgency to transition towards sustainable agricultural practices and published R&I opportunities for the crop-livestock value chain (see below links to the Joint Position Paper and the Policy Brief).
Together, the 2 organisations organised a webinar on the topic "How to re-implement crop-livestock synergies?" on Wednesday 04 November with Jean-Louis Peyraud, President of the Animal Task Force, and Marc Cornelissen, President of Plants for the Future.
Mr. Lukas Visek, member of Cabinet of Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans at the European Commission, introduced the webinar.
Mr. Roberto Berutti, member of Cabinet of Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski at the European Commission (Agriculture), concluded the webinar.
2 experts, Arnaud Bouxin (FEFAC) and Max Schulman (COPA-COGECA), attended the webinar and answered the questions with Jean-Louis Peyraud and Marc Cornelissen.
You will find hereafter the replay of the webinar and at the bottom of the page the presentation in a PDF format.
ATF-PlantETP webinar replay



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