Rose Gold Rolex Air-King Replica Online Cheap For Sale

Rolex Air-King Replica This masterpiece of haute horology, inspired by the Swiss watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz's (1721-1790) pioneering work on automata (animated robot dolls), presents a perfect balance between artistic design and mechanical sophistication. The Rolex Air-King Replica Repetition watch features eight different 3-D animations, which all come to life with a single button press. Not only that. Minute repeater gongs accompany the charming story of the dial.

Two years were spent by the innovative watchmaker to create a timepiece that would evoke Pierre Jaquet Droz's expertise in horology and automaton. The Museum of Art and History, Neuchatel in Switzerland, exhibits his most famous creations,Rolex Air-King Replica including the Musician (the Musician), the Writer (the Writer), and the Draftsman. His table clocks and pocket watches have all featured automata birds. Many of these creations are still on display at the farm Sur le Pont in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where Jaquet-Droz was born.

Nearly two and a quarter centuries later, the Bird Repeater Watch is still a marvel of old-fashioned techniques and modern technology. This timepiece is not only mechanically excellent, but also artistically valuable. The painters and engravings of Jaquet Droz have done an amazing job on a mother-of pearl dial. It features two Blue Tits - a bird from the Swiss Jura region - standing on the edge of their nest, above two hatchlings and a egg.Rolex Explorer II Replica The combination of birds and the background, which is a faithful representation of Saut du Doubs in Neuchatel canton, Switzerland, creates a stunning 3-D effect. The black subdial displays the hours and minutes with two rose-gold hands.

Then, after you've been awed by the artistry of the piece, there is a surprise. One press of the button activates an intricate mechanism driven by a cam-system, which brings eight different animations to life. The first bird begins feeding one of the fledglings while the second spreads its wings to reveal its beautiful colored feathers. The story continues as the egg in nest opens up to reveal the chick. Meanwhile, the waterfall in background cascades continuously. Click on the link below to enjoy the full video.

Two turns of the movement generate resonant tones. The push button also activates an hour repeater that features beautiful cathedral gongs. The watch is powered by a Jaquet Droz RMA88 manual winding mechanism. The watch has 508 components, 79 jewels, and a 48-hour power reserve. The sapphire case back allows you to see the harmonious interplay between its components.