Resource-use efficiency
TOPIC 2012
Resource-use efficiency is a major challenge to the sustainable development of the livestock sector in Europe and the world. At the seminar politicians, industry representatives, knowledge providers and policy-makers discussed questions like 'How does Europe's livestock sector remain competitive in a context of growing resource scarcity and a need to address climate change? What are the opportunities and challenges to improve the European livestock sector resource-use efficiency? What would a European Agenda of Action for a sustainable livestock sector look like?'
Global Agenda of Action
This seminar has been organised in close cooperation with Copa-Cogeca and the FAO. The FAO hosts the global initiative 'Global Agenda of Action for sustainable livestock sector development'. This GAA deals with resource-use efficiency on a global level through three initial focus areas: closing the efficiency gap, restoring value of grasslands, zero discharge.
The ATF seminar discussed the implications of the Global Agenda of Action for Europe. After presentations of experts, the participants worked on a European Agenda of Action for a resource-efficient livestock sector.
Please find below the presentations given during the seminar.