Feed vs Food Competition

Going beyond the Feed vs Food competition: crops and animals together to address food and nutrition security
TOPIC 2021
One of the controversial aspects of livestock production is the resource competition for feed and food production that requires a disruptive shift in resourcing animal feeding and in European agriculture. Only 20-25% of annually produced terrestrial agricultural biomass (crops and grasslands) is edible as human food. Thus, animals are very useful to convert the remaining 75% into edible food and manure that is a source of nutrients and carbon for plants and soils. This is basically a virtuous circle. However, in response to increased market demand and economic pressure, some agricultural systems and territories have become increasingly specialized. At the same time, productivity in the agricultural sector has largely increased and mixed farming systems integrating crop and livestock production have strongly declined in many countries or regions. Modern agriculture has developed with livestock and crop production becoming more intensive, and at some places more specialised and spatially separated which has resulted in an imbalance in nutrient flows with negative impact on the environment.
To achieve the conditions required to deliver sustainable farming systems, it is essential to develop science-based management strategies that reduce the current reliance on non-renewable resources and securing the production in an increasingly unpredictable climate. Such solutions focus on sustainable land use and the interconnection of arable and livestock systems as part of a circular and sustainable bio-economy at different scales.
2 events will be organised in 2021 to discuss this topic:
Both events aim to contribute to:
  • Engage a dialogue with various stakeholders;
  • Address how research and innovation can support the livestock sector;
  • Provide input to European research and innovation agendas and to public policies to secure Europe’s role as a leading global provider of safe and healthy animal-derived products;
  • Support knowledge development and innovation;
  • Foster ownership by farmers and industries.


International Symposium on Sustainable Animal Production and Health - Current status and way forward
International Symposium on Sustainable Animal Production and Health - Current status and way forward
28th June - 02th July 2021
Vienna, Austria
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