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Why become an ATF member

Being a member/partner of ATF allows you to provide input for the research agenda developed by the Animal Task Force.
Why involve in ATF?
ATF performs the following actions:
  • Brings together different approaches from a large variety of members,
  • Creates and shares a common view among knowledge providers, industry and farmers organisations of the whole animal production value chain to picture a future for a sustainable and competitive livestock production in Europe through innovation and knowledge transfer;
  • Arranges dialogue on sector research & innovation with key stakeholders in Europe (EC, Members of Parliament, farmers organisations, industry organisations, NGOs, ETPs, scientific community):
    • Provides input for EU research agendas, promoting animal productions in the work programs (FP9, Horizon2020, EIP-Agri, JPI FACCE, JPI HDHL, SCAR),
    • Promotes a sustainable and competitive animal production chain,
    • Enables knowledge exchange (workshops, events, website),
    • Interacts with national stakeholders and international organizations (Global Research Alliance on Agricultural, GASL, EAAP).
    • Enhances cooperation in European research & innovation and promotes the multi-actors approach to ensure research activities are addressing end-users needs.
  • Acts as a source of expertise for farmer’s organisations, industry organisations, policy makers and EU institutions.
  • Monthly ATF Presidency meetings in Brussels with DGs, ETPs, and stakeholders
  • Organization of events connecting research, stakeholders, particularly end-users and EC institutions. The ATF thematic topics were:
    • “Towards innovations in animal production” in 2014,
    • “Precision livestock farming in practice” in 2015,
    • “Animal production, the Key in a European sustainable circular Bioeconomy” in 2016,
    • “Food integrity, How can the Animal production sector contribute” in 2017
    • and is “Balance production/consumption: Animal farming for Humans’ well-being and planetary Health” in 2018.
  • Publication of position papers and articles for a wide audience on the challenges and benefits of animal production in Europe and contribution to consultations (EC DGs, FAO, SCAR, JPI FACCE, Horizon2020, Knowledge for Innovation…).
Membership of the Animal Task Force is open to knowledge providers (research organisations organised on a national basis), to farmers organisations (representing farmers at European level), to European Technology Platforms, to European branch organisations and to representative of single private companies in the animal domain.
Membership is open to only one research provider per country, or group of countries (for East Europe). If more than one knowledge provider in a country wants to participate in the ATF, the knowledge providers in that particular country have to create a consortium, in order to collect the membership fee, to appoint a representation in the Steering Council and to coordinate specific ATF activities.
Membership is open to only one representative per sector-branch industry. If more than one organisation representing a sector-branch wants to participate in the ATF, the organisations have to create a consortium in order to collect the membership fee, to appoint a representation in the Steering Council and to coordinate specific ATF activities.
Engaged partners
A status of engaged partner is set up in order to facilitate the involvement of private sector organizations in sector branches that are not represented by a member organisation. Engaged partners are invited to send a formal representation of their organisation/consortium to those meetings.
Engaged partnership is open to a maximum of two representatives per sector-branch industry. Over two engaged partners of the same branch industry have to create a consortium to collect the membership fee, to appoint a representation in the Steering Council and coordinate specific ATF activities.
Associated organisations
Associated organisations can be European Technology Platforms and European branch industry organisations outside the direct animal domain, lobby organisations or single companies. Associated organisations will contribute to the ATF via input for the strategy. They have a consultation role and no voting right within the Steering Council.
For more information, please contact the Secretary General: Florence


EAAP 2024
EAAP 2024
Florence, Italy
01st-05th September 2024
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