Founded in 1859 as the only Norwegian agricultural postgraduate college, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) received its university status in 2005. The university is recognized as a leading international center of knowledge focused on higher education and research within environmental- and biosciences.  NMBU has currently 1,900 employees of which approximately 500 are PhD students and 6,400 students. Core areas of research are environment, sustainable development, how to improve human and animal health, renewable energy sources, food production, and land- and resource management.
The Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences at NMBU represents the traditional animal husbandry fields of breeding, nutrition and ethology, and more resent research areas such as system biology and bioinformatics. Within these fields, our expertise encompasses areas such as feed technology and metabolism, quantitative and molecular genetics, and the quality of products made from eggs, milk, and meat.
Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences contribute to the shape of future food production through both basic and applied research. Our field of expertise covers traditional farm animals on land as well as those that live in water, i.e. our domesticated animals and farmed fish. We aim to educate students with a high level of understanding of the food production sector.
NMBU in the Animal Task Force
NMBU is representing the Norwegian knowledge institutes in the ATF. Research within the area of animal science at NBU is focused on sustainability, self-sufficiency, use of alternative feed sources, high level of animal health and welfare and development of new techniques within genomics and feed technology. We will contribute to ATF by sharing our knowledge within these area, and we will strive to build consortia and partnerships with the member originations. Together we will work to deal with the future challenges related to food security and sustainability.
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Head of Department
Faculty of Biosciences, Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, NMBU
Oluf Thesens vei 6, 1433 Ås, Norway
Website: www.nmbu.no
Office phone: 0047-67232618
Email: gro.steine@nmbu.no


28/08/2023 18:00 EAAP Centre de congrès de Lyon
15/11/2023 09:00 13th ATF Seminar University Foundation - Brussels

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