FABRE-TP - Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform
FABRE-TP is an industry-led EU technology platform for the animal breeding sector set up to tackle major issues concerning sustainable animal breeding and reproduction. It brings together key stakeholders around a common vision for the development of research, innovation and technologies to address key issues affecting farm animal breeding and reproduction. FABRE-TP is supported by 120 organisations across Europe to enhance the sustainability of animal breeding and reproduction, both within Europe and internationally. Sustainability in farm animal breeding includes animal welfare and health, animal integrity, biodiversity, environmental protection, consumer safety, food quality, profitability and general commercial viability. The key challenge of sustainable breeding is to balance all these concerns.
Animal farming plays an important role in European society. Optimised animal production systems have many benefits: contributing to a safe, healthy and diverse diet, helping maintain sustainable human communities in marginal regions and offering opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint.
A vibrant and effective animal breeding and reproduction industry is essential if Europe is to meet the future challenges of animal farming in a rapidly changing ecological, economic and social environment. Farm animal breeding and reproduction is a global, highly competitive and knowledge intensive sector. European breeding organisations are major players in the global market, having a major influence on the genetic make-up of future animals and animal production systems.
FABRE-TP in the Animal Task Force
Animal genetics and the interaction with other key disciplines are vital elements for animal production systems. Therefore FABRE-TP is fully supportive of the ATF. FABRE-TP has been active since and was a founding member of the ATF. FABRE-TP actively supports the ATF by contributing knowledge and contacts via its extensive network across the animal domain.
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28/08/2023 18:00 EAAP Centre de congrès de Lyon
15/11/2023 09:00 13th ATF Seminar University Foundation - Brussels

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