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About us
The Animal Task Force is a European Public-Private Partnership. We promote a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Europe. We are a leading body of expertise, representing key stakeholders from industry, famers and research from across Europe.
We are a knowledge based organisation working on the forefront of livestock related issues in Europe. Our members are representatives from knowledge providers, industry organisations and farmers organisations. They have expertise of every aspect within the livestock value chain; from feeding and breeding to production and processing. We bring together actors of the European livestock sector to share a common vision and create an integrated approach that is needed to contribute to the environmental and societal challenges our mission involves.
Our goals are to stress the importance of sustainable livestock production for Europe’s future; to propose science-based solutions to the major challenge of global food security in the context of a limitation and mitigation of global warming, restoration of biodiversityand efficient resource use; to support knowledge development and innovation by enhancing cooperation and knowledge exchange; and to set the agenda for research and innovation in the animal domain.
Each year, ATF discusses a topic with a large panel of stakeholders, mainly during its events (ATF-EAAP special session, ATF annual seminar...). These topics are developped in the section "Topics" of our website. Of course, they do not represent the whole scope of our interests.
For more information on the Animal Task Force: General Introduction

EAAP 2024
EAAP 2024
Florence, Italy
01st-05th September 2024
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