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Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke; Natural Resources Institute Finland) is a non-profit public research organization and Finland’s leading research institute in all areas of the bio-economy, including agriculture, food, forestry, natural resource management and biotechnology. Operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Luke employs around 1500 people at 37 locations across Finland. Luke was created by the merge of several entities: MTT Agrifood Research Finland, the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL), and the statistical services of the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Tike), and commenced its operation on 01 January 2015. Luke brings together expertise in renewable natural resources and responsible food production and provides innovative solutions that promote new business activities. The cross-disciplinary research data and expertise support responsible decision-making both domestically and internationally. Research on natural resources benefits the consumers by providing information on health and well-being, and by supporting the vitality of Finnish nature.
We are a bioeconomy pioneer – our expertise creates a basis for sustainable growth and well-being. Luke’s broad range of scientific and technological expertise in agriculture is focused to the development of productive, sustainable and responsible food systems, taking full account of the rural economy, protection of the environment, consumer and animal health, and societal well-being. In the animal domain, regional stations in Maaninka and Ruukki provide close links to the milk and beef producers, and bring together research using advanced methodologies in genetics, nutrition, (bio)informatics, chemical analysis, remote sensing and precision farming. Luke’s research in animal sciences has a strong emphasis on cattle and milk production, but Luke also serves the pork, poultry, fur and equine industries.
Luke in the Animal Task Force
Luke contributes a trans-disciplinary breadth of vision to ATF which arises from excellent science and the creation of new knowledge, to studies and demonstrations aimed at applying research results in practice. Luke offers close links with breeders, producers and policy makers/regulators, and coordinates national programmes on conservation and the use of genetic resources. Luke has wide experience of European Framework R&D, of EU territorial cooperation programmes, particularly in the Baltic area, and of competence building in developing countries. On offer also is experience at the research-policy interface gained from participation in e.g. collaborative working groups under SCAR, or integrative actions under ERA-NETs such as SUSFOOD or the FACCE-JPI.
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Mikko Järvinen
Group leader
Natural Resource Institute Finland


FAO Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation
FAO Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation
Better production, better nutrition, better environment, better life
Roma, Italy
25th - 27th September 2023
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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock: Measuring to Modelling
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock: Measuring to Modelling
Pathways - webinar
28th September 2023 - 10.30 CET
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