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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe


How would you describe the livestock sector?
The livestock sector is a broad sector, that includes all economic activities around the production of animals and animal products. It includes all aspects of the livestock value chain.

How would you describe the livestock value- or supply chain?
The livestock value chain concerns the process ranging from feed production, animal breeding and reproduction, animal production systems, to processing and the final product. Many other aspects are involved in this process, such as food safety, animal health and welfare, environment, economic aspects, sustainability, techniques, ICT, animal housing systems, etc.

This simple cartoon gives an image of the various aspect within the livestock value- or supply chain.

What do you mean exactly by sustainable development?
Sustainability and sustainable development is used in different contexts and therefor has gotten a wide range of interpretations. In general the term is described as a balance between the three P's: People, Profit and Planet, referring to a balance between respectively social aspects, economic aspects and environmental aspects.

We use the following definition that is formulated by the World Commission on Environment and Development of the United Nations in their report Our Common Future.

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What are European Technology Platforms (ETPs)?
In a European Technology Platform (ETP), companies and research institutions together develop a strategic research agenda for a specific technology area. The industry generally takes the initiative. Participants in the ETPs therewith influences the European R & D agenda. Furthermore, participation often offers excellent opportunities for international relationships.

There are currently 3 ETPs represented in the ATF.

Who are your stakeholders?
We intent to cooperate with all parties involved in the European livestock sector, industry - multinationals as well as SMEs -, industry representative bodies, universities and research institutes, non-governmental organisations, European research bodies, regional and national governments, policymakers and politicians.

What's the difference between feed and food?
By food, we mean the common food we, people, eat. Feed on the other hand, is the food given to animals that are used in animal production systems.

Are you a lobby organisation?
Yes, we lobby for the European livestock sector. While doing this, we follow the official EU Code of Conduct.