The ATF@BE partners represent the Belgian expertise in Flemish and Walloon Universities, regional and governmental research institutes and experimental farms, as well as the private sector organisations (BFA, Boerenbond,, FRANA are part of this consortium). The research activities in livestock science cover animal nutrition, animal health, genetics, animal feed production…
The consortium offers expertise and research facilities for research on crop production and animal breeding, pilot lab facilities for animal feed development and research, analytical labs (chemical, microbial, molecular, physical), facilities for feed evaluation and to study animal metabolism, nutrition and digestion, toxicology, pathology, genetics and performances as well as the quality and safety of animal products.
The aims of the ATF@BE consortium are to offer added value to the livestock sector through complementary expertise and to enhance the dissemination of project results and other scientific information.
A partner overview with more information on the areas of expertise and research of all ATF@BE members can be found in the following ATF@BE presentation.
ATF@BE in the Animal Task Force
ATF@BE represents the Belgian Livestock knowledge institutes in ATF. ATF@BE members collaborate intensively with national and international companies in numerous regional, national and European scientific projects. There is a cooperation with Belgian farmer associations, feed (ingredient) producers and slaughterhouses as well as with food processing industry, retail and authorities.
More information
Mia Eeckhout
Ghent University
Faculty of Bioscience engineering
Campus Schoonmeersen – Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
B-9000 Gent
Tel: +32 9 2432481
Sylvain Hennart
Centre Wallon de recherches agronomiques
Département agriculture et milieu naturel
Unité systems agraires, territoires et technologie de l’information
Bâtiment Haute-Belgique
Rue du Serpont, 100
B-6800 Libramont
Tel: +32 61 23 10 15


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18th April 2023
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EAAP+WAAP+Interbull congress
26th August - 1st September 2023
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