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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

Why we promote a sustainable livestock sector

A sustainable and competitive livestock sector is important to Europe; today and in the future. Research and innovation have been key in the sectors success and will remain essential to ensure its contribution to a sustainable Europe.

Animal products form a great source of protein that are essential in a healthy and balanced diet. Because of a growing population and increasing prosperity, demand for these animal products will double in the next decades. Producing safe and sufficient food for Europe is a main concern, as is doing it in an efficient and more sustainable way.

Europe has always been a world class producer of animal products. Our knowledge and expertise are valued all over the world. With an annual turnover of €130 billion, leading up to 5,2% of EU employment in 2007, the livestock sector forms an important part of Europe’s economy. To stay competitive, we need to stay ahead.

Research and innovation in the livestock sector are crucial to bring this about. Innovations have already made the European livestock sector more productive and sustainable at the same time: while production rose, environmental pressure has been reduced by 40% since 1970.*

It is our challenge to find solutions for further development, that are resource efficient, diminish or eliminate environmental pressure, are adaptable to climate change, are beneficial for animal health and welfare, contribute to the bioeconomy, and that meet the needs of European citizens, both today and in the future.

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*Blonk Consultants, 2012