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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

Our mission and vision, strategy and goals

Our mission and vision

It is our mission to foster knowledge development and innovation for a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Europe.

To realise this we believe we need integrated approaches across the value chain. Knowledge institutes and industry have to collaborate to contribute to the economic, environmental and societal challenges involved in our mission. In addition we need to further develop our relationships with decision making institutions in the EU. Only by starting a dialogue common solutions can be found.

It is our vision to deliver European livestock systems that are globally competitive and environmentally positive.

European farm industries are global players and supply competitive markets, both European and worldwide. The viability of different livestock systems needs to be considered. Only by creating more sustainable and better optimised animal production systems with healthy, balanced and robust animals, we can ensure a steady supply of good quality food and other ‘agri-products’ for all, while contributing to a better environment.
For more info, download our vision paper here.


We unite the different parts of the European livestock sector, from feed and breeding to production and processing. By promoting knowledge exchange and cooperation we serve as a catalyst for new developments. We strive for a joint European research agenda and enable our stakeholders to create a shared view on what this agenda should look like. As a representative of the European livestock sector we carry out this view to all relevant institutions in the EU to develop a dialogue. This way we serve as an interface between policymakers, knowledge providers, industry and civil society.


Our strategy results in the following goals. We aim to:

  • stress the importance of sustainable livestock production for Europe’s future, and promote a positive image of the entire sector
  • act as the leading body of expertise on livestock production, and be recognised as such by European institutions, policymakers and industry
  • set a joint European research agenda for the livestock sector
  • provide informed commentary and start a dialogue with relevant EU Directorates on priorities for R&D (and other) investment aimed at enhancing    sustainable innovation
  • enable knowledge exchange amongst research providers, end users and EU Directorates and enhance cooperation in European and interstate research and innovation
  • facilitate discussions on matters regarding future EU regulations that affect the sustainability and competiveness of the sector
  • assist European Technology Platforms in achieving their objectives

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