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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

CREA - Italy

About CREA

The Agricultural Research Council (CRA) is a national research organization which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF) with general scientific competence on agriculture, agroindustry, agrifood, fishery, aquaculture and forestry, seed certification and analysis of agricultural policy and economics. CRA, established in 1999, is the third institutional research body in Italy and the first in agricultural research. In 2012 the activities of National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition (INRAN) and of National Institute of Elected Seeds (ENSE), were added to CRA’s activities. Scientific and experimental competencies cover: crops, arboriculture, animal production, agro-industry processes; agrifood and seed certification.
In 2014 CRA has incorporated the National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA). INEA has developed over the years a valid and recognized experience in the analysis of agricultural policies.
At present, 17 Research Centres and 32 Research Units throughout Italy, organized in 4 Departments, with 5,000 hectares of experimental farms, host the daily work and dedication of some 2,500 people, including researchers and other professionals.



The increasing global demand for meat, dairy products and aquacultured species creates a number of challenges: the products must be safe, healthy and come from sustainable production based on high standards for animal welfare and environmental impact. To face these challenges, CREA counts on specialized researchers on livestock farming and on aquaculture: they strive to make relevant contributions in order to induce changes in the European livestock sector. These changes shall be science-based and measurable. Specialized Research Centers of CREA perform research activities across all disciplines of animal production.


CREA in the Animal Task Force

CREA represents the Italian scientific community in ATF. As the leading institution in agricultural research, CREA provides expertise in basic as well as applied research on livestock systems. Its assets lead to an interdisciplinary vision of the animal sector in facing societal, economic and ecological issues. According to its vision, CREA is committed to contribute to the success of ATF. 


More information

Mara Lai
Policy and Bioeconomy Department
Email: mara.lai@crea.gov.it

Luca Buttazoni & Bianca Moioli
Animal husbandry and aquaculture Department
Email: luca.buttazzoni@crea.gov.it / bianca.moioli@crea.gov.it

Website: www.crea.gov.it