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ATF-EAAP Special Session - Innovative Farmers

Innovative farmers – how farmers use research to innovate in animal husbandry
How do farmers innovate? How does research contribute to on-farm innovation? And, how can farmers contribute to innovative research?
The Animal Task Force and EAAP Special Session ‘Innovative farmers – how farmers use research to innovate in animal husbandry’ on Thursday August 28, 2014 in Copenhagen focussed on these questions.

The ATF Special Session focussed on farmers: how farmers arrange innovation, how research can contribute to innovation on farm, and how farmers can contribute to applicable research. The Session addressed best practices of innovative farmers from across Europe.

With the start of the European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-Agri) in 2014, more emphasize will be paid to multi-actor innovation with farmers in the lead and research in a support role. Bringing research to practice will be more and more important. A key role in this process and in the EIP-Agri is reserved to farmers. With this Special Session The ATF and EAAP intended to contribute to the understanding of the roles of farmers and their interaction with scientists in innovation processes.

For a detailed report of the session, click here.


 Please find below the presentations of the ATF Special Session

Welcome & Introduction ATF & EAAP Special Session

Successes and failures in bringing innovation into practice - Han Swinkels

Examples of innovative farmers
Niels Pedersen - Danish Pig Farmer
Marc Havermans - Dutch Dairy Farmer
Daniela Nieddu - Italian Sheep Farmer
Richard Fuller- UK Cattle Farmer

How national Farmers organisations intend to participate on the EIP

Dirk Bruins - LTO Netherlands
Charlotte Johnston - Royal Agricultural Society of England

How the European Commission intend to arrange the EIP
Jean-Charles Cavitte

This session was made possible by

 Danish Pig Research Centre  
Aarhus University