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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe


Roadmap for Sustainable EU Livestock
Making food production more sustainable is one of the greatest challenges of our times. In the face of global population growth, increased demand for animal protein, and climate action commitments, we need to ask ourselves how the EU livestock sector can become more sustainable? How can more be produced with less?More information on the official website

17th World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry

13rd-15th September 2018
London, UK
The 17th World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry will focus on “Exploring New Dimensions in Nutrition and Food Science”. Nutrition and Food chemistry 2018 is planned to offer a prominent opening to the experts in the field of Nutrition and Food Sciences to discuss latest research and challenges in the meadow. The companies dealing with nutritional products and supplements can exhibit their products in the Nutrition exhibition and expo. For more information please visit the website.

One Health & Food Safety Congress 2018

18th-19th September 2018
Bonn, Germany
The One Health & Food Safety Congress 2018 will be held on 18th-19th September 2018 at the University of Bonn. The main aim of the Congress is to bring together scholars, researchers, educators, students, professionals and other groups from different disciplines to present their works in this academic platform.For more information please visit the website.

ISES 14th Equitation Science Conference

21st-24th September 2018
Rome, Italye
The Conference “Equine welfare: good training, good feeding, good housing, good mental state, good health, good behavior” will be held on 21st-24th September in Rome. The conference is held remembering the 150 from the birth of Caprilli who patent the concept of lightening the seat and “giving” the reins to the horse while jumping which revolutionised equitation. Go along to the website for more information and registration.

26th Animal Science Days Conference

26th-28th September 2018
Smolenice, Slovakia
The 26th Animal Science Days conference will be held in Slovakia, in the Smolenice Castle on 26th-28th September 2018. The papers must be of high scientific quality and respect the instruction for authors, otherwise they may be accepted only for the poster.For more information please visit the website or read the leaflet

1st Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry

1st-2nd October 2018
Ancona, Italy
The “1st Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry” will be held in Ancona, Italy, on 1st -2nd October 2018. The event will be organised by ASPA – the Association for Animal Science and Productions – in collaboration with others.For further information please visit the website.

2nd Symposium on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture in the EU: Assessing the Role of Pesticides and Biocides

09th October 2018
Brussels, Belgium
This international symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity to engage with the debate on pesticides in agriculture and analyse potential strategies for their sustainable use in the EU. Furthermore, it will enable delegates to scrutinise the procedure of approval of a pesticide, discuss about the renewal of the approval of glyphosate, and get to know novel and more sustainable plant protection products and methodologies. For more information and registration visit the website.

International Scientific-Expert Conference on the Preservation of Animal Genetic Resources

25th-27th October 2018
Osijek, Croatia
The conference is organized by the Croatian Agricultural Agency, the University of Zagreb, the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and the University of Zadar. It provides the possibility for verbal presentation, presentation via posters and the presentation of your institution/company or as a participant.
For further information, please read the first notification of the conference and visit the conference website.

2nd Global Future Farming Summit

06th November 2018
Wageningen, Netherlands

Join experts during the second Global Future Farming Summit in Wageningen, Netherlands. Discover what is happening in the world of agriculture and food, and what research and business are doing. Opportunity to attend the experience tour at Wageningen Campus at Wednesday November 7th. More information and registration on the website.

Food Factor Conference

08th-09th November 2018
Torremolinos-Malaga, Spain
The Food Factor Conference will offer an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss about the latest research results, insights, advances in the field of food science. For more information please visit the website.

17th International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals

27th-29th June 2019
Bern, Switzerland
The ICPD conference is a traditional scientific conference dedicated to current topics related to farm animal diseases that are related to the respective food production systems. The conference has the overall goal to contribute to improve sustainability in animal food production. Presentations from expert scientists from all over the world will cover field of animal husbandry, physiology, genetics, nutrition, welfare, and herd health management, as well the interactions among these disciplines. Species will include ruminants, swine, and poultry. The ICPD 2019 will be held at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Chair of organizing committee: Prof. Rupert Bruckmaier, Veterinary Physiology, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern. For more information check the conference website or contact the organizer at icpd2019@vetsuisse.unibe.

70th EAAP Annual Meeting
(EAAP 2019)

26th-30th August 2019
Ghent, Belgium
The Belgian organizing team is delighted to invite you to the 70th Annual Meeting of EAAP. The meeting will take place from 26th–30th August 2019 in the historic yet contemporary city of Ghent. With its central location in Europe, between Amsterdam, Paris, London and the Ruhr Area, Ghent is easy to reach. The meeting will be organized by ILVO (Flanders’ research institute for agriculture, fisheries and food), under the patronage of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries from the Flemish Government and will offer a platform for livestock scientists to meet and discuss the latest developments in animal science with colleagues from other research institutes and industry from all over the world. Besides, there will be an attractive and interesting program of social events, as well as technical tours and an accompanying person program, in order to enjoy some of the beauties and delicacies Belgium offers. For more information, please visit EAAP 2019 website

International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology

3rd-6th September 2019
Leipzig, Germany
The Symposium about Ruminant Physiology will be held in Germany in 2019 at the Kongresshalle am Zoo of Leipzig. The Symposium is the major international conference on ruminant physiology. It provides an overview of current, important scientific findings and areas of research in the physiology of ruminants of all kinds. For more information, please visit the symposium website.

6th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP 2019)

09th-12th September 2018
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 The organizing committee and EAAP Commission on Animal Nutrition invite you to the 6th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP 2019). The meeting will take place from 9-12th of September 2019 in Ouro Minas Palace Hotel, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. ISEP 2019 will be organized by the international scientific committee of EAAP commission on Animal Nutrition, headed by Giovanni Savoini, and the Brazilian local organizing committee, Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), under the support of Brazilian Industry and Government Agencies (contact person Prof. Mario L. Chizzotti). For more information, please visit ISEP 2019 website.