The National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition (IBNA) is the most important research unit of the Romanian animal science sector. The institute operates under the coordination of the Ministry of National Education and Research / National Authority for Research, Development and Innovation.
Located in North of Bucharest (near Otopeni airport), the institute runs 30-40 R&D projects / year, covering a broad range of topics within the animal biology and nutrition field, thus ensuring a consistent flow of research results towards a broad range of beneficiaries (academia, innovative companies, farmers, etc.). The institute has one of the most intense international activities within the agricultural research in Romania, in terms of projects, ISI articles, etc. and is strongly connected to the Romanian animal production sector. Some examples of involvement in international projects are: FP7 SOLID; FP7 Feed to Food, FP7 FoodSEG, FP6 Feed for Pig Health, FP6 FeedSEG, EUREKA, ERASMUS+, etc.
The National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition (IBNA) aims to maintain its position as the main knowledge provider in Romanian animal science sector, while increasing its role at European level and its degree of integration within the European Research Area.
It also aims to provide a broad range of research outputs (from basic to applied, tailored to fit the various types of beneficiaries) that support the animal production and the related economic sectors to counteract the challenges of the 21st century: limitation of the resources, protein dependency, climate change, globalization, etc. while continuing to address the current issues: livestock production efficiency, quality and safety, consumer preferences, environment, welfare, etc.
IBNA in the Animal Task Force
IBNA contributes to the pan-European coverage of ATF, by valorizing its experience within Eastern European research & agricultural systems. It also seeks to promote, at European level, the region-specific R&D topics, such as climate change, efficiency issues, technological transfer, etc.
Last but not least, it aims to enhance the overall R&D activity in the Eastern Europe (increase the standards of scientific production; reduce the disparities among European regions, bringing research teams together, etc.).
More information
Scientific Director / senior researcher in ruminant nutrition
National Research & Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition (IBNA Balotesti)
Calea Bucuresti nr. 1, Balotesti, Ilfov, 077015, Romania
Office phone: 0040-21-3512084
Email: catalin.dragomir@ibna.ro
Website: www.ibna.ro


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26th World Poultry Congress
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