Videos of the 9th ATF seminar
You will find below all the videos of the 9th ATF seminar.
ATF seminar summary

Public policies: Expectations towards livestock farming
By Bas Eickhout, Member of European Parliament - @BasEickhout

Demand driving food systems
By María Sánchez Mainar, FIL-IDF - @FIL_IDF
Having another look on methane
By John Lynch, Oxford University - @OxfordPhysics
The environmental footprint of animal foods: beware of simplifications
By Frédéric Leroy, BAMST - @fleroy1974
C sequestration in soils, restoration of abandoned lands (soils and biodiversity) with pastures, legumes and animals
By Tiago Domingos, Terraprima
IPCC report: expectations towards livestock farming
By Jean-François Soussana, INRA/FACCE JPI - @Inra_Intl  @FACCEJPI
Moderated by Martin Scholten, WUR - @mcthscholten   @WUR
with the audience and:
- Tassos Haniotis, DG Agri - European Commission - @EU_Commission
- Dusan Chrenek, DG Clima - European Commission - @EU_Commission   @DusanChrenek
- Angelantonio D'Amario, UECBV - @AngeloDAmario
- Iris Bouwers, LTO - @IrisBouwers   @LTONederland
- Anna Lóránt, IEEP - @IEEP_eu
Conclusion and closing
By Jean-Louis Peyraud, ATF President - @PeyraudJean


30th FEFAC Congress
30th FEFAC Congress
Circular feed for sustainable livestock & aquaculture systems
14th -16th June 2023
Ystad, Sweden
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EAAP+WAAP+Interbull congress
EAAP+WAAP+Interbull congress
26th August - 1st September 2023
Lyon, France


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